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Dr. Cherylan Brooks, Au.D.

Dr. Cherylan Brooks, Au.D.

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Brooks has been in practice for over 35 years and specializes in helping patients gain the best hearing possible with the use of the most up- to -date technologies. She enjoys getting to know her patients and treats everyone as the “unique individual that they are”. She takes time to get to know each patient with genuine interest and is always eager to share a warm smile and a kind word. Her caring approach along with her advanced education, and strong technical abilities is why patients choose her to care for their hearing needs.

She chose to live in the community where she works and offers home visits for patients with transportation issues so that she can better accommodate everyone’s unique needs.

Dr. Brooks performs an extensive audiological evaluation that provides maximum information so that she can effectively create better hearing solutions for patients. “I love seeing my patients smile when they hear sounds that they haven’t heard in a long time”, says Dr. Brooks. “It’s like a light bulb turning on”.

She is originally from New York and moved to Florida to be closer to her family. She is a devoted parent, an animal lover and has a fascination for automobile technology. “I love cars”, she says “and, Popular Mechanics is my favorite magazine”. “Ask me about engines and motors and I probably know the answer.

Brunlinda Flores

Brunlinda Flores

Regional Administrative Coordinator

I worked as a computer systems analyst for over 20 years. I loved my work but my daily dialog was in computer language with a computer and its systems. This led me to branch out and want to interact, reach out and make a difference directly with people.

I am married, and we have four wonderful children and two adorable grandchildren. I value every moment we spend together as family and now at work with my extended family.

Since 2014, All American Hearing opened its door for me and allowed me to, up close, share my smile, my caring, welcome and treat our patients as I do my family.

I welcome you to visit our clinics, where we are embodied to show you how Life is Worth Hearing and you can give us the opportunity to live true to our mission: We Have Hearing Lives to Save.

Susan Rothman

Susan Rothman

Patient Services Coordinator

I am originally from New York and earned my BA in education from Queens College and a partial master’s in business administration from Adelphi University.

I joined the industry in 2013 when I started working for Hear Florida Boynton Beach. I started working part time but loved it so much I moved into a full-time position.

I love helping save hearing lives because it is extremely gratifying to see our patients open up a whole new world of hearing, and therefore living, bringing joy into their lives.

I enjoy the camaraderie with our patients. I love developing a family/fun relationship with our patients and making them feel comfortable in the office.

My hobbies include golf, dancing, and walking. I love the beach and love to shop!

Customer Reviews

My experience with Dr. Brooks is unsurpassed by any other provider. She is highly competent in her field, well informed about latest developments in the technology, and genuinely interested in each of her clients. Her follow up visits are efficient and a big plus as a part of her services....

Nathan Schnurman, on Google

I’m very happy with Dr. Cherylan Brooks! She’s very professional and thorough! She doesn’t rush you out and spends all the time you need! I highly recommend them for your hearing needs! You’ll be thanking yourself for trying them!

Elliot Wapniak, on Google

Initially things were fine with Dr. Brooks, until the last set of hearing aids ordered were some sort of hybrid of what I initially had. From that point on I was constantly having them repaired. Now 3 years later and the warrantee running out I am wearing 6 year old...

Denise Weigand, on Google

I have had nothing but positive experiences when visiting Hear Florida. Cherylan Brooks, AUD has always gone above and beyond. She is very knowledgeable, and I am very happy with her. Her office staff is friendly and helpful.

Nancy Smith, on Google

I am very pleased with Dr. Brooks and would highly recommend her to anyone that has hearing needs.

Mark Reeser, on Google

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